It's time to end co$tly meetings

We built an app that shows you how much money you're spending on meetings.

Meetings are a central part of the work environment, like it or not.

However, most meetings are unstructured, lack meaning, and would have been more effective if they were an email. And honestly, who isn't tired of going to a 2-hour status meeting every other day?

Spending your time (and money) in ineffective gatherings is the easiest way to get burnt out at work.

Let's change bad meetings.

With that said, meetings can also be something to look forward to. Agile methodologies trust in Kickoff and Retrospective meetings to create a collaborative space that propels work forward. Meetings don't have to be how they usually are. Let's change them.

Introducing Retimer by Moka, the time tracker that will end co$tly meetings.

This project has been in the works for several some time now. With this release, we are improving features on the MVP and new ones that will help you track your meetings more efficiently. Add to that a new and improved design, and you have the best time tracker for meetings to date.

With Retimer, you can:

  • Track time and cost of your meeting.
  • Set alerts to know if you are going past the time or cost limit.
  • Create a timer for solo tasks and activities.
  • Add members and roles to make meetings faster.
  • See your stats by week, month, or any time range.
  • Sync your data to the cloud to have it everywhere at any time.
  • Place a monthly spending limit.

These features are easy to use and all lead to the same goal: decrease the time and money you and your team spend on meetings and be more conscious about the concept of "time = money."

The next iteration in meetings time trackers.

The idea of a meeting time tracker has never been this advanced. We like to think Retimer is the next iteration in the meetings time tracker. Usually, apps like these lack design and UX, and eventually, the developer drops or deprecates the app.

We are more than committed to the Retimer project. With your feedback and support, we will always have valuable input on how to improve. This is your app. We would like you to use it, break it, own it. It will only get better with your feedback and collaboration.

So we ask you: download the app, try it, share it with your friends, and more than that, leave us your comments. We have open ears and minds to what you have to say.

Google Play Link

Time is money. Make it count.

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